Russian News From Russia: September 26th, 2009!

South Russian district chief unharmed after bomb attack:
A home-made bomb went off outside the house of a district chief in the south Russian republic of Ingushetia during the night, but no one was injured, local police said on Saturday.

California says historic Russian fort to stay open:
Fort Ross, built in 1812 in California by Russian settlers, will remain open as a state park, local authorities announced.

Washington praises visit of Russia’s Drug Control Service head:
Russia and the United States have a lot to share in the fight against drugs turnover, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of State said.

G20 may discuss anti-crisis strategy in June 2010 – Medvedev:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Saturday that he expects the Group of 20 leading economies to discuss a strategy to tackle the global financial crisis at a summit in June 2010.

Moscow reiterates readiness for equal-basis cooperation with NATO:
The Russian foreign minister said on Saturday that Moscow is still ready to cooperate with NATO, but only on equal-rights basis.

Medvedev decides against Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Saturday he decided against deploying Iskander missiles in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region, near Poland, after the U.S. shelved its nuclear missile shield plans for Europe.

Russia voices concern over Iran’s second enrichment plant:
Russia’s president voiced concern on Friday over Iran’s revelations on a second uranium enrichment facility, and urged the country to provide reassurances over its nuclear program.

Russian patriarch calls on Belarus to uphold spiritual values:
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church called on Belarusians during a visit to Minsk on Friday to maintain the spiritual and moral values of their ancestors based on the Orthodox faith.

Iran is Russia’s Joker before the US”:
Diplomatic experts suggest Russia has a fine line to tread in reacting to Iran. Dmitry Suslov from the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy told RT that Moscow will benefit from keeping Tehran onside.