Russian News: January 22nd, 2008!

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia on Tuesday sent two long-range bombers to the Bay of Biscay, off the French and Spanish Atlantic coasts, to test-fire missiles in what it billed as its biggest navy exercise in the area since Soviet times.

British and Norwegian Tornado and F-16 jets were escorting the Russian ‘Blackjack’ bombers, Interfax reported, quoting the Russian Air Force.

However, the French Defence Ministry spokesman said his country had been informed about the Russian exercises.

Firing missiles off the coastline of two members of the NATO military alliance is the latest in a series of Kremlin moves flexing Moscow’s military muscle on the world stage. =================================
RBC, 22.01.2008, Moscow 14:10:22.Revenue of Dixy Group, one of Russia’s top food retail chains, surged 42 percent to USD 1.431bn in 2007 compared to a year earlier, the company reported today. In ruble terms, revenue amounted to RUB 36.604bn (approx. USD 1.48bn), which is 33 percent greater than in 2006.

RBC, 22.01.2008, Moscow 13:32:51.As a result of geological survey, Gazprom has been able to report a rise in gas reserves totaling 585bn cubic meteres in 2007, which is 7bn cubic meters greater than the estimate, the Russian energy giant’s press office stated today. Natural gas production (excluding that of Gazprom’s subsidiaries) amounted to 548.5bn cubic meters.

RBC, 21.01.2008, Moscow 16:51:14.Russia is not willing to exert pressure on Poland or other countries regarding the deployment of the US anti-missile defence system in Eastern Europe, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists following a meeting with his Polish counterpart Radoslaw Sikorski. Russia only wanted Poland to consider all risks and threats to both its own and European security before making a final decision, Lavrov said. He added that Sikorski had confirmed that this was Poland’s intention as well. In turn, the Polish Minister noted that only the US and Poland would decide on the issue and that Russia would also benefit from the deployment of the shield, as it was designed to intercept ballistic missiles.

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