Russian News: January 3rd, 2008!

RBC, 03.01.2008, Moscow 10:25:16.Urals Energy Plc. has announced that Morgan StanleyPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Securities Limited, which acted as the manager of the leading Russian independent oil company’s private share offering, has exercised its over-allotment option. Morgan Stanley purchased 1,643 shares, or nearly 5 percent of the offering. Urals Energy Plc placed 32,857m shares worth a total of GBR65.6m (USD132m) worth of shares on December 5, according to the company’s statement.

RBC, 03.01.2008, Moscow 11:32:06.HydroOGK is planning to rebrand in late January – early February 2008, the Russian power generation company said in a statement today. The company did not specify, which name the consolidated company would use. However, RusHydro was among the proposed names.As reported earlier, HydroOGK is undergoing restructuring in the form of consolidation with electric power plants and is scheduled to start operating as a unified company on January 9. Its shares are projected to be listed on Russian stock exchanges in April 2008. The company’s GDR program is to start in March 2008….(Click: read more)

RBC, 03.01.2008, Moscow 11:42:48.The Moscow government’s 2008 program provides for the construction of some 5.3m square meters of real estate in Moscow. About 1m square meters of housing are projected to be built in the center of the city, including 675,000 square meters of commercial building and 325,000 square meters of housing.Some 4.8m square meters of residential buildings were introduced in 2007.

RBC, 03.01.2008, Moscow 12:42:14.Some 28 hotels are to be opened in Moscow in 2008, the Moscow city government’s representative told RBC today. Vladimir Resin, Deputy Mayor of Moscow signed a decree to this effect. According to the document, 21 hotels are projected to be opened in the center of the city, and the total amount of hotel rooms is anticipated to exceed 5,200.About 3.5m people come to Moscow annually and the figure is estimated to reach 5m in 2010 and 20m in 2025. More than half of tourists coming to Moscow are Russian citizens.

RBC, 03.01.2008, Tbilisi 13:43:56.Georgia’s presidential candidate Badri Patarkatsishvili released a statement today confirming his decision to run for President in the elections scheduled for January 5, 2008. Earlier, Patarkatsishvili’s campaign headquarters had been considering filing a refusal to take part in the elections on behalf of Badri Patarkatsishvili on January 4.

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