Russian News: November 30th, 2007!

RBC, 30.11.2007, Kiev 16:53:11.Ukraine can only sign a gas contract with Russia for 2008, although the countries had previously planned to agree on the terms of supplies for the mid-term, as well, the Ukrainian President’s Deputy Chief of Staff Alexander Shlapak told journalists today. He added that the decision to stay within the current time frame had been prompted by uncertainties surrounding the price of Turkmenistan’s natural gas for 2009.Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko himself announced earlier today that Kiev was planning to sign accords for the supply of imported natural gas to the country after the Russian parliamentary election on December 2. He stressed that the gas agreement had been thrashed over thoroughly and approved by the key players, which would facilitate gas supplies to Ukraine for the following five to seven years. Gazprom and Ukraine are currently in talks over gas prices for 2008 and the mid term.

RBC, 30.11.2007, Moscow 17:58:48.Russian Railways is planning to raise a syndicated loan worth $1bn, which it will use to develop its infrastructure and upgrade rolling stock, a source in the company said. Russian Railways has invited banks to take part in a tender. According to earlier reports, the government approved Russian Railways’ three-year investment program of RUR1.331bn (approx. USD54.66m) on November 15.

RBC, 30.11.2007, Moscow 15:34:03.The low on dollar deals is currently hovering at 24.3650 RUR/USD at the special session for tomorrow deals, which is virtually RUR0.06 below the official dollar rate for December 1-3, while the spread on deals has widened to RUR0.065. The ruble has gained ground against the dollar due to a stronger euro abroad, where the latter is now buying some USD1.4765, up 0.25 percent from USD1.4730 as of 11:30 a.m. As a result, the trading volume topped USD2.2bn on MICEX.

RBC, 30.11.2007, Moscow 13:07:21.The Russian government has authorized the Federal Treasury to carry out all forms of currency operations coming under the federal low on exchange regulation and control without limitations. A decree to this effect has been signed by Russia’s Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.

RBC, 30.11.2007, Moscow 09:44:02.President Vladimir Putin of Russia has signed the federal law suspending the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty, the President’s press office has reported. Russia’s participation in the treaty signed in Paris on November 19, 1990, can be renewed by the President of Russia alone. This law passed by the State Duma on November 7, 2007 and approved by the Federation Council on November 16, 2007, is to take effect upon its official publication.

RBC, 29.11.2007, Moscow 18:30:28.Nearly two thirds of Russians (63.5 percent) would vote for Russia’s incumbent President Vladimir Putin, should elections be held this weekend, a poll held by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center on November 9-10 showed. Throughout 2007, Putin’s voter base ranged between 60 and 66 percent. Other would-be candidates trail far behind, with leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky wining 3.3 percent, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov 2.8 percent, Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov 1.8 percent and Deputy Prime Ministers Sergei Ivanov and Dmitry Medvedev 2 and 2.5 percent respectively. Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov would have received only 1.4 percent of votes, while other possible candidates were supported by less than 1 percent of poll participants. In addition, 5.4 percent of people questioned said they would abstain from voting, down from 7-10 percent in October 2007. However, the number of those who are still undecided rose from 5-10 percent to 12.2 percent. The poll was held among 1,600 people in 154 locations of 46 regions and republics in Russia, and the margin of error does not exceed 3.4 percent.


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