Russian Pension Fund early retirement

You can apply for an early pension to the Russian Pension Fund if the company goes bankrupt or there have been massive cuts. In this case, the pre-pensioner, who has two years or less before retirement, can count on early retirement.

In order to receive such a pension, you need to have an insurance experience of at least 25 and 20 years for men and women, respectively. If a person worked in a particularly dangerous, harmful or difficult production, then he must develop the necessary experience for a certain type of work.

Also, after dismissal, you must immediately register with the employment center. If the job is not found due to age or a rare profession, a pension will be assigned to the pension fund. But you need to remember that in the very center of employment you should not refuse to work more than two times, and you also do not need to ignore offers to train any specialty. Otherwise, the appointment of early retirement pension may be denied.

It is worth remembering that until 2024 the retirement age will increase gradually. In 2019 and 2020, a gentle increase mode is in effect. Therefore, for example, if a woman turns 55 in December 2019, then she will need to retire in a year, according to the new law. But she falls into the number of exceptions and a pension will be assigned to her earlier – in May 2020.

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