Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at a meeting with members of the Council of Legislators under the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and congratulated them on the Day of Russian Parliamentarism…

Main theses:

🔹 Today, in the context of the economic aggression of the West , the Parliament, the Government, all regional and local authorities need to act clearly and quickly, work as one close-knit, well-coordinated team.

🔹 Our task is not to adapt, not to wait out a period of difficulties, challenges and external pressure, but to create a base, a basis for the long-term, independent, successful development of our country .

🔹 I think that now parliamentary diplomacy is gaining additional, enormous importance. Our partners, or already, one might say, former partners, in some countries are maniacally destroying the legal framework and channels of dialogue, trying to impose their views and so-called rules on everyone .

🔹 Russia is not going to go into self-isolation. On the contrary, we will expand pragmatic, equal, mutually beneficial, exclusively partnership relations with friendly countries in Eurasia, Africa, and Latin America. In the same States, by the way, we have many people who think the same with us, in Europe. Elites behave differently. But you and I know that the elites of these countries do not always pursue a policy aimed at the interests of their own peoples. They still get it.

🔹 We are ready to work with those foreign partners, with global companies, corporations that value their business reputation and want to cooperate with Russia.