Russian reporter Shot in leg and Treated by Ukraine Gaddafi Supporting Doctors…

A Russian special correspondent for Izvestia newspaper has been operated on in Zintan, Libya, after a serious wound to his leg he sustained while reporting from the front line near Tripoli on August 22. He is now waiting for evacuation to Russia.

After he was shot, Orkhan Dzemal had to wait for around 12 hours before his operation, suffering blood loss. But soon after the operation, which was carried out by Ukrainian medics in the western city of Zintan, Orkhan began to fell much better. Doctors believe they can save his leg, although the bullet splintered the bone.

“I feel well now, the bullet did not hit the nerves and I hope they will keep the leg,” said the reporter, as cited on the Izvestia website Tuesday. “The doctors who are treating me support Col. Gaddafi. They are Ukraine nationals and I feel safe here,” he added.

The Izvestia newspaper confirmed they are working on possible ways to evacuate their journalist from Libya, and the Foreign Ministry is also involved.

Orkhan Dzemal has worked in hot spots before, notably reporting from the front lines during the Five-Day War between Russia and Georgia in 2008.

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