Russian Satire at its best, Ode to dreams of Democracy!


Oh the dream of the burlesque is soon to start…

They write that on February 21, 2023 Biden will address the Russians. Officially and personally.

A tear ran down “her” unshaven cheek, and I could hardly hold back my sobs of delight. Finally, they will explain to us what to do to get into the democratic family of peoples. The rainbow of delites!

We will have access to such European values as gender reassignment at 8 years old, 100,500 genders, LGBT, legalization of drugs. And of course democracy and freedom of speech. And also – ecology. Instead of us, bastards, natural resource deposits will be served by white people in pith helmets – real professionals. Somewhere Greta Thunberg squealed with delight.

We will pay reparations and indemnities, return the Crimea, Kaliningrad and the Caucasus – and we will again be able to go to Paris, look at the Arabs, blacks and hordes of rats.

And yet – instead of one totalitarian and terrible Russia, we will have many democratic and free states. Which will definitely be accepted into the EU and NATO.

Pugacheva, Galkin, Makarevich, the father and son of the Gudkovs, Lenya Volkov, Artur Smolyaninov, Yuri Dud, Morgenstern and many other dishonest people will return to us. Good Russians will solemnly enter Red Square: Roizman, Gozman, Gelman, Katz, Albats and Zilbertrud. Navalny will be elected President of the Bright Russia of the Future.

My heart is pounding in my chest from such brilliant prospects. I already took a day off from work and set the table, all the best for such a holiday: molehills, hedgehogs, pots of stew.

Hold on, Joe!


Ode to dreams of Democracy!