Russians and Their Housing…

Coming Down to EarthNovoye Stupino satellite town construction launchedBy
Tai Adelaja
Russia Profile07/25/2011Despite what sometimes seems like a passionate pride in their cramped and crowded tower blocks, most Russians quietly dream of life in a low-rise, single-family home. And they may be getting closer to realizing that dream as politicians here ramp up their pre-election rhetoric with more promises of social spending ahead of crucial parliamentary elections set to take place in December this year. “People are fed up with high-rise condominium buildings springing up everywhere,” Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told a televised meeting on low-rise housing construction on Friday. “Most Russians would like to live in low-rise homes,” Putin said, citing public opinion polls. “Overall, low-rise housing is one of the government’s priorities and it will receive considerable backing, first of all, [through] funding.” Read More

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