Russians and their presidents for life!

MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. Russia’s State Duma (the lower house of parliament) has passed the third reading of a bill allowing Vladimir Putin to run for president again.

According to one of the amended provisions of the Russian Constitution, presidential term limits apply to the incumbent head of state without regard to his previous terms in office. That said, it makes Vladimir Putin eligible for two more presidential terms.

Source: State Duma passes law allowing Putin to run for president again – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

It was and is expected….thank goodness, for the way the USA is and has been acting, Russia needs Putin till the bitter end…

In a way, I feel sorry for Putin….no peace, no life, nothing but Russia, Russia, Russia…


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3 thoughts on “Russians and their presidents for life!

  1. joey_n – If Russians get there way? For life!

    Putin plays it close to his heart as to how long he stays as president. I see him as getting tired at times, yet he lives for Mother Russia and knows nothing else. Russians look at their leader different than the games we play with leaders in the west. As my wife says, “If you have a good chief? Why let him go?” (She calls anyone who is in charge of something a chief!)

    I agree and I imagine the day that the USA ever gets one individual that actually acts like a leader, everyone may want that person to hang around awhile also. I would….just sad we never have a leader in America worth two cents!

    Russia needs Putin to stay at least one more term. Maybe that will get Russia through the worst of the empire crashing and thrashing? Lets hope so…

  2. Didn’t Putin at one point say he’d resign one of these days? What’s the official consensus on that? That is, how much longer will he be president?

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