Russians are calling it Magic Friday – 11-11-11…

Today this Friday, the people all over the Earth have experienced a most wonderful second in time: at 11 hours 11 minutes and 11 seconds on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2011, twelve ones (111111111111) lined up in a row…

Russians are calling it “Magic Friday” and only good things can happen today.

The word is that, This is the day to make wishes, dream and do important things, to instigate something new, make special purchases, or take very important decisions concerning your children or family. You must be in a positive mood throughout the day or it will turn bad for you. Also do not lend money to anyone because your financial prosperity will be sent away with the breeze…

It is snowing like crazy today and they also say that the snow is magical and a snowman will come to life if made out of the snow falling on this special day!

11-11-11 – November 11th, 2011!

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

PS: A wish can be made anytime on this day! Just that it is more powerful if you can make it at exactly 11/11/11  11:11