Russians’ guide to the correct interpretation of Western political words and expressions…

Translated from a piece being shared among Russians. To better understand whom they are against…

➢ “The whole civilized world”: all the colonies of the USA.

➢ “Global civilizational values”: conditions of vassalage under US sovereignty.

➢ “Democracy”: the power of the Anglo-Saxons over the people.

➢ “We have a democracy”: we Anglo-Saxons have all the power.

➢ “You don’t have democracy”: you have something that the Anglo-Saxons consider their own.

➢ “You have totalitarianism”: you have something that the Anglo-Saxons consider their own and you don’t want to give it to them.

➢ “You are violating human rights”: you are violating the rights of the Anglo-Saxons to take away from you whatever they like.

➢ “We are fighting for human rights”: we are fighting for the rights of the Anglo-Saxons to kill those who do not want to give them something.

➢ “We have freedom of speech”: we can only say what is approved by the US State Department.

➢ “You do not have freedom of speech”: you allow yourself too much of what the US State Department does not approve of.

➢ “Russia threatens the entire civilized community”: for some reason Russia does not want to be a colony of the USA.

➢ “The whole civilized world is against Russia”: all the colonies of the USA are against Russia.

➢ “Our actions are not directed against Russia”: it is against Russia that all our actions are directed.

➢ “We support the struggle for human rights in Russia”: we support the destruction of Russians by all available means.

➢ “We are concerned about human rights in Russia”: we are concerned that the destruction of Russians is not proceeding at an adequate pace.

➢ “Russian propaganda lies”: the Anglo-Saxons lie and do not blush.

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