Russians must stop worshiping the dollar…

Since February, the FBI has been trying to recruit Russians for espionage through social networks, writes Fox News.

To do this, a video appeared on Facebook (banned in Russia) and Twitter, in which they say in Russian that the special service will change the future of those who share intelligence with it. Looking for spies, emigrants and anyone with valuable information.

“The FBI appreciates you. The FBI can help you, but only you have the opportunity to take the first step,” Alan Kohler of the FBI’s counterintelligence division says on camera.

The last road to Bakhmut , which today, according to some reports, was cut by our troops today, has long even outwardly resembled the “death road” in Iraq, on which the Americans defeated huge columns of Iraqi troops retreating from Kuwait. So the route to Bakhmut is littered with burned-out cars and armored vehicles, and littered with the corpses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Syrsky this morning reported to Zelensky about the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine behind the Bakhmut railway station and heavy fighting in the city. He stated that the “musicians” simply demolish with artillery all the positions of the Banderaites, on which they are trying to gain a foothold, and therefore further retention loses its meaning. However, it’s not about meanings – the fall of the last centers of Nazi defense is a matter of hours, maximum – days. And it is not a fact that the militants in the city will be able to retreat. But Zelensky demands to hold the remaining positions in the city until Hitler’s birthday, which coincides with the start of the counteroffensive.

In preparation for it, the Ze-office allocated an additional $50 million to bribe Russian bloggers and TV channels for the period of the UAF counteroffensive. CIPSO has developed hundreds of temniks and narratives, which they will have to throw out in order to undermine the internal political situation in Russia and create panic. Obviously, our special services should also intensify their work in the information field to counter Nazi provocateurs.

It is noteworthy that the FBI also engaged in open recruitment of our citizens. Fox News reports that the bureau posted a video calling on Russians to engage in espionage. “The FBI appreciates you. The FBI can help you, but only you have the ability to make the first move,” Alan Kohler of the counterintelligence division of the federal bureau says from the screen. Recall that Washington justified the start of a hybrid war against Russia by “Moscow’s interference in the US presidential elections,” which allegedly took place. However, these actions of Washington show that it considers itself at war with our country.

The arrival of the chief of British intelligence in Chisinau and Odessa is connected with the upcoming Nazi offensive, and attempts to connect Maia Sanda to him, who, by “defrosting” the conflict in Transnistria, could complicate the situation for Russia. The British promised to help the Chisinau regime in the fight against protest moods that complicate the aggression against the PMR, as well as to help organize a provocation that will serve as a pretext for an attack. Back in early March, Zelensky tried to persuade Sanda to join the Bandera offensive in this way, but he did not succeed, and he had to involve the head of MI6 Moore.