Russia’s Natalia Osipova Attacked in NYC…

Two muggers attacked Natalia Osipova the world famous Russian international ballet star, as she left the American Ballet Theater in NYC (New York City) early one morning this week. They hit her in the nose and stole her bag: I then proceeded to check all the sources in America on this happening…

Yes it happened and these are some of the comments from the many postings at the news sights, that the articles received from readers in America:

So, why was she walking alone on a NYC street
at night? That is my main question! Shocking!

How Stupid! Oh yes, she is Russian, what do you expect.

She was alone? What a stupid female!

Send the Russian home, that just shows you how naive they are!

She deserves to be mugged, everyone knows that you do not combine alone female and NYC. Plain dumb!

Poor girl, Hope she is OK! Someone needs to tell her that she is in America and she needs to get her a bodyguard!

I thought about the comments that I just read from a dozen websites on this story. I then realized that the people in America do not realize that Natalia Osipova could walk alone in Moscow and never be bothered. She has been safe to walk alone all her life in Russia!

I would never let Svet walk alone in an America city. I have a hundred stories I could tell about the murder, rape, muggings and such that occurred just in a city of 150,000 people in America much less million of people like in NYC. Atlanta, Georgia which has a lot less people than NYC is a very unsafe place to walk alone at night. (I know I have been robbed there.) I also have lived across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio and if you know anything about “Over The Rhine” then you know a small city like Cinn. is a crime ready to happen.

But in Moscow Svet has walked alone all her life and she has lived in Moscow all her life. So if Svet was in America she would expect to walk alone wherever she felt like. It does not work that way though…

So when I walk at night in Moscow at around 2 – 3 am, I am still amazed at the freedom and peace that you have. It is like a small town with 15,000,000 people. By the way that is Boza and I’s favorite time to walk… 🙂

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