Russophobia and now your new word for today? Sinophobia- fear of anything Chinese

Definition of Russophobia:

fear or dislike of Russia or Russian policy

Sinophobia and Russophobia

Russophobia is an epidemic in Western media, governments and basically all mindsets associated within the Western World…

I have by no means understood and construed the psychotic mentality of why the West is claiming that Russia is the biggest risk to Western civilization of all instances and that West wants to arm itself in opposition to an assertive, rising and expansive evil Russia of Vladimir Putin. Russophobia is constantly driving the parlay of, “It is big Evil Russian Empire!” into Western Mindsets…

And at the identical time, sometimes within the same breath, paragraph and thought; The West is claiming that Russia is a failed nation in decline and collapsing into a pit of communist sewage…

This two large contradictions are nevertheless confusing me to this day. Yet so many in the Western World seem to ignore the double speak about Russia?

It looks inexplicable; Perhaps what we are seeing from the Western World is a  collective inadequacy or deeply embedded guilt. Maybe dark primitive stuff? It is without a doubt an mental illness…

What about China? Russia is no longer the distinct champion of hate mongers/neocons attention. China is back on the radar and well, a war with China is almost as good as a war with Russia. Better yet, how about both of them at the same time?

We now see the resurgence of identical samples of Western World conduct developing with every passing day in its dealings with China…

Come to think of it! I am just as perplexed about the Western World’s distinct fear and hate of China, as I am about the hate and fear of Russia…

Sinophobia: Fear and or dislike of anything Chinese!

Good to learn new words…


Two words that will encompass all the desires of your hate:

Sinophobia and Russophobia

Your welcome!

Update: Hmm; fear of North Korea, Cuba, Syria and well never forget Iran! Do we have names for them also as we fear and hate?


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