Sad thing is that the USA/UK/NATO are and have ordered the death of its men in Ukraine…

The Nazi groups have their orders and have been trying to carry them out as they themselves die….true fanatical group and to the end in Ukraine….the USA is trying to cover up its involvement…

There has been several dozen attempts at extracting these men and now there has been calls intercepted by Russia, calls to make sure no high command is taken alive. The extraction attempts have all failed and it does seem that a retired US General is amongst the gems in the grab bag…

Many good men will die, thinking they were on the correct side of the war. They were told that they were good and that Russia was evil….or did they follow the easy money and sold their souls?

How many will be murdered to cover the “Empire of Lies” crimes?


Chechen Leader Kadyrov Says as 1000 Ukrainian surrender in Mariupol

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