Scott Ritter, If NATO doesn’t back the hell off…

“If NATO doesn’t back the hell off, we are 1 second away from a nuclear war. If NATO continues to pretend that this is some game designed to weaken Russia..

Russia just changed the game. They said they are not playing this game anymore. The game has changed. NATO needs to wake up to the fact that anything it does once the referendums have passed will be an act of war against the Russian federation— and Russia will treat it as such and respond accordingly. It will not be a slow roll out, if NATO continues to provide Ukraine with the means to attack mother Russia, which very soon will be Kherson, Zaporozhie, you know all that daily pounding of the nuclear plant? It’s over man. It’s over.

Do it again when it becomes Russia, I dare you Ukraine, you will cease to exist. I’m not saying Russia is gonna use nukes against them, Russia will just simply turn off the lights. Russia will kill the leadership (of Ukraine) The gloves are off, this has been a special military operation, we talked about how it constrains Russia (the SMO) now all constrains are off. When Russia starts defending mother Russia, they’re now gonna bring all of their abilities to the forefront. Russia has 25 million men available, they can go as big as NATO wants to go. Russia is ready to go as big as necessary. And if NATO wants to make this an issue, Russia will cross that threshold. If NATO wants to threaten the existence of Russia, by attacking Mother Russia either directly or indirectly through the Ukrainian proxy, then Russia will use every means at its disposal to ensure that it will fail — including nuclear weapons.” –

Former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter…


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