So I was Censored Because I Live in the Wrong IP!

Yesterday I posted an article that got a bit of heat going in America: Is It Censorship If You Keep It Within Your Borders?

Sometimes you have to tell it like it is and this is one of those times. The article mentioned above got slammed and a news site printed it also, called Mizozo. I also sent emails to anyone that I could to express my dissatisfaction to as a American reader in Russia. This combination gave me a flurry of e-mails that seemed to all have a general sense of we are sorry but we had you blocked because of bad IP activity on your IP! (But they never really say they are sorry)
Here is one of the emails:
Dear peppy200,

It was brought to our attention that we had inadvertently blocked IP’s from certain Russian sections of Russia Moscow.
It was a non intentional default of protection software.
This e-mail is in response to an inquiry that directed our attention to our error and hope that this opens up ability to view said content.

This is a non reply e-mail

This e-mail was sent to, based on initial correspondence.

Please note that you must use this e-mail address to any future correspondence.

To manage your e-mail preferences, update your account settings.

Message Category: Miscellaneous

I like the fact that I become peppy200 instead of Kyle as is how I signed each letter. Then they say this is a non reply email but down farther they say use this email address to contact them, if any more questions. But that is OK. At first I thought is this an automated response, then after I saw that access was opening back up to certain sites, I knew that humans were involved somewhere.

So what is blocking an IP about? This article will tell you and it seems that I was on a area specific type of IP ban. That means that I was banned by the area I live in. Usually banned due to country web style attacks. Other words I was not blocked because of who I am. I was blocked because of were I live. 🙁

I definitely stirred up the DC crowd again and this time instead of comments. I got emails! (To comment on Windows to Russia now asks for positive ID and if you do not have a verifiable email then your comment never appears. This has saved me tons of issues lately. Anyone say Censor?) These emails were in the same wonderful format that their comment would be but at least I am the only one who has to see such statements. 🙂 (Yes one of them even threatened to come to Moscow and ****** slap me silly!)

I will never be able to get everywhere that I want, but my only goal was to get to news sites unrestricted. You Tube will be a censored nightmare because individuals make up a decision as to what countries they want to view their videos and most people are prejudice even though they will not admit it. I succeeded in what I want to do…

So to summarize all this: Censorship is here to stay. It seems that censorship is in all forms. We censor comments, we censor countries, we censor areas, we censor cities and we censor individuals. (So on and so on) I understand certain restrictions because some humans seem to be unable to control their outbursts of rage without using vulgarity and threats. These same humans have forced me to control comments beyond the point I want to. But I have many school children that use the website and the last thing I need is the comment section having cuss words and death threats. Yes – because of a handful of “rotten eggs”…

I was censored because of being part of a perceived bigger problem. It is called blacklisting! Because you are on a blacklist does not mean that you can not be put on a white list. At least I will see less of the picture above!

I am white again…

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.