So? It is not that hard to become a Saint after all? (George Floyd Statue)

This does raise questions about the facts involved in all our history (Any history, anywhere, all over the world). It makes you wonder who is really behind this drive of glorifying George Floyd? It definitely is not the “peasants” running around the streets!

A bronze statue of George Floyd has been unveiled in Newark, New Jersey, weighing almost 700 pounds.

Source: George Floyd Statue Unveiled at Newark City Hall weighs 700 pounds | The Independent

Update: Another Floyd the god statue reveled… (video)

It was obvious that Floyd was murdered by cop, yet Floyd was also a very bad person, no better than the cops that killed him…

Lots of questions arise by this action and statue….and no answers will ever be given…

I talk about that swinging pendulum that humans seem to ride constantly…

This is human nature all over the world. As that pendulum swings back and forth throughout our history? We see balance and harmony during every swing back and forth. It is a huge pendulum and takes awhile to swing its path. The pendulum is driven by forces that we do not see or understand, but it does allow us to glimpse utopia. At least the utopia you see as perfect!

Source: We are all the same in the end of things… – Windows to Russia


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