So now the USA is telling starving Africans, do not buy Russian wheat!

US bans Africa from buying Russian grain, citing it “allegedly” stolen from Ukraine…

According to The New York Times, US diplomats sent warnings to 14 countries (mostly African) that Russian ships allegedly bound for them were loaded with “stolen grain” taken out of Ukraine. The US has asked these countries to refrain from buying grain, as this could be seen as “benefiting from potential war crimes.” Apparently, the sale of grain exported through Moldova is something else and is acceptable by the USA. Except, the grain out of Moldova is stolen grain from Ukraine…

At the same time, the New York Times notes that this pressure had rather a negative effect.

“This is not a dilemma. Africans don’t care where they get their food from, and if someone is going to moralize about this, then he makes a mistake, ”comments Hannenie, director of the HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies.

According to him, US threats without an offer to supply vital grain only push African countries towards Russia.


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