Sochi-2014 Winter Olympics

Hello,The word is Sochi did it!! Looks like President Putin really went all out to impressed the committee. I am really happy that Sochi gets to host the Winter Olympics. Here is an exerpt from a BBC article. The fact that president Putin spoke in English, French, and Spanish, to the committee showed how serious Putin took the task at hand.
Now I can not wait, I want to take my Sweety and go see the Winter Olympics in 2014!!!!

Sochi given 2014 Winter Olympics


Many in Sochi partied all night after hearing the announcement

The Russian resort of Sochi has been chosen to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, beating South Korea’s Pyeongchang.

Sochi secured 51 votes at a meeting of International Olympic Committee (IOC) delegates in Guatemala, beating its South Korean rival by just four votes.

In earlier voting, the third contender, Salzburg in Austria, was eliminated.

The presidents of all three candidate countries had attended the meeting to plead their countries’ cases.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was credited with helping Sochi’s bid, after he addressed delegates in three languages – English, Spanish and French.

It is believed to be the first time the Russian leader has been heard speaking English at a public ceremony.


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