Some 50,000 citizens join the Living Longer in Moscow project

Senior citizens are offered help in improving their health and acquiring new knowledge.

Almost 50,000 citizens have already turned out for enrichment activities under the Living Longer in Moscow project. People can take up sport or dancing and attend creative studios, lectures, language courses or computer classes that are available in all districts across the city

Over 79,600 people have applied to take part in the project. Senior citizens in the east of Moscow are the most enthusiastic of all, with 17,605 residents of the area looking to join the project, including 11,012 people who have already started to attend courses under the programme.

In the south of Moscow, 9,111 people have applied for the pilot project, including 4,449 people who have already started to attend courses. Overall, in the Southeastern Administrative Area, 8,353 people have applied, including 5,699 people who have already joined the programme.

The situation in the other administrative areas is as follows: 8,662 applications were filed in the Northeastern Administrative Area; 7,776 applications in the Northern Administrative Area; 6,836 applications in the Northwestern Administrative Area; 5,057 applications in the Western Administrative Area; 4,775 applications in the Central Administrative Area; 5,152 applications in the Southwestern Administrative Area; 3,594 applications in the Zelenograd Administrative Area; and 2,717 applications in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Area. The number of people who are already attending the classes, by administrative area, is as follows: 5,027 people in the northeast; 4,985 people in the north; 4,564 people in the northwest; 2,644 people in the west; 3,276 people in the centre; 3,568 people in the southwest; 2,122 people in Zelenograd; and 1,612 people in Troitsk and Novomoskovsk.

The activities cover three key areas: sport, leisure and creativity, and advancement in education. All lessons are free. Training has already started in 2,873 groups. Another 1,276 groups are also being formed now to include a total of 17,123 people.

Training courses cover a variety of physical activities, from Nordic walking to gymnastics and special sport programmes. The project also features the Learning to Stay Fit courses, where experienced doctors will give advice on a healthy lifestyle and correct diet and how to take care of their health.

Creative studios offer city residents dancing, singing and drawing lessons, as well as lessons in ornamental and applied art. Older people are invited to attend English-language or computer literacy courses.

Launched by Sergei Sobyanin, the project is not confined to classes; participants in the project will have an opportunity to test their skills in competitions and festivals that will be held in their districts and areas, as well as in the city format. These will include the Super Granny and Super Grandpa festivals and the Say No to Your Age dancing marathon.

Old-age pensioners, or women who are at least 55 years of age and men who are at least 60 years of age, are invited to join the project if they have permanent residence in Moscow by submitting an application to any local social services centre; those interested must produce their passport, individual insurance account number in the pension insurance system and Moscow resident social card. Social services centres offer information on the schedule of classes, so people can choose the time that is convenient for them. The groups are being formed in all districts across the city on the basis of residents’ preferences.

Maybe they will let me join?


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