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By | August 15, 2016

Mamma Eagle (and yes image had to be adjusted.) But, Mister heron, run for your life!

Hard to get images of Mamma Eagle. But after working and cropping this image, I got something that shows Mamma Eagle and she is after a heron! Svetochka was with me and it was so cloudy, but Mamma Eagle was in one of her moods and she was terrorizing the local bird population…

Heron can be seen right and above as Mamma Eagle with talons out, turns to follow her victim. She almost got him, for she is moving much faster and turned on a dime!

The other morning, I saw her grab a heron as he sat on a stick in the water. The only thing that I can imagine is that the heron thought he was tough or he had ear phones on, listening to his favorite music. For Mamma Eagle had a fish and she deliberately dropped it and grabbed the heron like a flash. She snapped its neck with her beak and flew away like the heron was not even in her talons…

Yes, Mamma Eagle is a BADASS!

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Just some images from the last few days. Svetochka is having a blast and her and Boza are walking all over. Gives me a vacation from Boza…

Yesterday was Honey Day in Russia (One of – The Three Saviours.) Very Very and did I say Very important day. Vova brought us by some fresh honey still in the comb and Sveta and I chewed bee gum for awhile. Yummy for your tummy. Oh and on the 19th of August is Apple Day! That is basically the start of fall season. Yes fall is here…

Oh and speaking of bees and honey; we have a Bee Bird (is what we call them and I call him a perfect bird.) Anything that eats hornets and thinks it is a delicacy, is okay in my book. Maybe if he would leave the honeybees and bumble bees alone, that would be better…


Pcheloedka or Bee Bird!

He or she only comes through as they travel south for the winter. So in August we get to see this beautiful bird. For they stop in our village and eat tasty Tiny Russian Village Bugs… 😉


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