Some thoughts tossed at me the last week!

1. The west is a junkyard for the dregs of eastern societies. With the US being the junkyard mostly for the dregs coming from Europe…

2. Why does any sane person even bother with Twitter, Facebook, …social medias anymore?

3. They are literally composed only of weird people all dancing around and looking at the main stream news outlets prefabricated news articles on the “graffiti you find in public toilets”, and it is spewed at them while they all dance around!

4. Both Twitter & Facebook need to be extinguished . . you can’t insult child molesters or people that abuse their children with ‘puberty blockers’.

5. Enough, it is time to just cancel the cancelers.

These above thoughts were given to me last week by several people…

Hard to find any fault in the logic above. I think Facebook has its place as a tool for grandma and grandpa to see the grandkids halfway around the world. Yet 99% of what Twitter, Facebook and other social media is used for is the perversion of our societies…


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