Spared the first round of snow…

By | November 26, 2016

We got lucky and the snow missed us in the Tiny Russian Village. More coming, but for at least another day, we will have it easier to get around. It should be snowing right now. The weather station is flashing major snow storm, the regional weather reports say major snow storm, but I see stars and a sliver of moon. Granted it is 2 a.m. in the morning, but since Boza needed to do his doggy business, I am writing a post…. Thus, morning may come and the snow may fall…. They call for blizzard this afternoon… 🙁

We will see!

* * * * *

I had to laugh at the games being played right now over the presidential election in America. I guess Stein wanted to join Sanders in the free money for your soul campaign! But they say everyone has a price!

Now you should see the point I make; “America is the land of Chaos” and this is a perfect example. Jill Stein wants a recount in three states and she has no horse in the race! Actually she did, but her horse died. Shame, but it looks like we will all be in hell anyway when it is over, no matter who is president…

* * * * *

Well there is a list of what is being posted as propaganda Russian websites…. and WtR is not there! So I guess that means my site tells the truth, What ever! Hard to fault someone living in Russia and reporting on Russian life from a first hand experience. The sites I see listed are sites that are different than mine. Most of these do not even reside and or even based in Russia. Some of them are 5th column sites against Russia out of Moscow. So they may have a point about propaganda games…. I live and breath Russia… My favorite is; Ron Paul is on the list…

I will be able to sleep better at night knowing that I am not on that list!

Yup and have a nice day…


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