St. Petersburg Calling For Permanent End To Foreign Adoptions from St. Petersburg…


The Governor of St. Petersburg, Valentina Matviyenko has expressed the need for a ban on all child adoptions by all foreigners in the city of St. Petersburg.

“I see how many cruel incidents have happened. We don’t need any foreign adoptions in St. Petersburg,” she said at a city government meeting.

“Enough of this fashionable fad. Enough of torturing children. I think children must be picked by St Petersburg families, who can take better care of them.” Matviyenko said.

The news expressed that a St. Petersburg family gets 6,155 rubles ($199) a month per child that they take care of.

This has come about after the last escapade with the Leschinsky Sisters and Russia has reached a boiling point over issues in America with adoptions…

Sounds like Americans may have lots of future trouble getting Russian children to adopt. I would say that Moscow will not be far behind in the call for ending adoptions and taking care of the children internally.

I ask the question though, What happens with the children out away from the big cities? Seems that there needs to be a federation wide program that cares for these kids and foster homes availability.

But as my Sveta would say, “That is just right – The children need to stay in Russia!”

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