Statement by Permanent Representative V.A.Nebenzya at the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine…

💬 If the meeting had not been scheduled, it would have to be convened to discuss the attempts of Ukraine and Poland to provoke a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

The absolutely irresponsible statements made by the leadership of these two states cannot be perceived differently. Here, for example, is the statement of Mr. Zelensky, and I quote:

💬 “A missile attack on NATO territory is a Russian missile strike against collective security. This is a very serious escalation. We must act!”

☝️ I draw the attention of my colleagues: such statements are made by a person who cannot help but have information that it was Ukrainian missiles fired by an air defense system that flew into the territory of Poland.

👉 This means that this is not just deliberate disinformation, but also a conscious attempt to involve NATO, which is waging a “war by proxy” with Russia in Ukraine, in a direct clash with our country.


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