Statement by svetochka after seeing a video; “It’s horrible … and we (Russia) did not support them, maybe because we could not back then …That’s so terrible, so wrong!”

This post is about what has been going on and why Donbass has been an issue. Silence until now was mandatory…

Answer to my Sweetpea:

You were not able. Now you know how hard the Russian Government has been working to get ready. Silence about it all was vital. That is why the USA was caught off guard. They really had no idea that Russia had been getting ready for revenge, for lack of better words to use. Russia has decided that the USA can no longer stay as it is.

Amazing actually as to what has been done in only 8 years or so.

I do believe that NATO, EU and USA are in for total collapse and they really did not see it coming.

You hear me say, “Arrogant” that describes the West.


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