Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with another war crime of the Kyiv regime and Western countries…

Very important:

On January 28, the Ukrainian armed forces, using US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and intelligence information provided by NATO countries, including satellite, attacked a hospital in Novoaydar, Luhansk People’s Republic of the Russian Federation. 14 people died. Another 24 received injuries of varying severity.

⚠️ The deliberate shelling of existing civilian medical facilities and the targeted killing of civilians are grave war crimes of the Kyiv regime and its Western masters.

The lack of reaction from the United States and other NATO countries to this yet another monstrous trampling of international humanitarian law by Kyiv once again confirms their direct involvement in the conflict and involvement in the crimes being committed.

☝️ There is a clear double standard. Western countries, together with Kyiv, threw tantrums in connection with the provocative staging of the “crimes” of the Russian army in Bucha and Irpen, which in fact did not exist, but stubbornly do not notice the blatant barbaric actions of the Nazi Kyiv regime, which kills civilians from the American, British, French and German weapons. They rush about with the idea of creating an illegal “tribunal” against Russia, but say nothing about the need to try the Ukrainian leadership and the military for their everyday crimes that are obvious in fact. Behind such clumsy tactics is a clear attempt to divert attention from one’s own responsibility for their accomplishment. It is clear that the Westernizers and Kyiv have neither a formal nor a moral right to the mentioned absurd accusations against us.

❗️ All these acts of criminal lawlessness perpetrated by Kyiv armed groups under the auspices of the West will not be left unpunished. They are carefully fixed. Organizers and performers will suffer inevitable punishment.