SIGH; Stolen Election in the USA? You cannot steal what never was!

Suck it up crying people: Biden is President of the USA!

I said it also about Obama, Bush, Trump and more….suck it up and shut up the whining!

I personally don’t believe the election was stolen by anyone, but honestly, I do believe it is all rigged. I do believe that it was all a very expensive show of betrayal, as in a middle finger to the world as a whole, much less the American people. I do believe that Trump as with Biden, are all just actors on a stage. I do believe that it has all gone as basically planned. I do believe ‘we the people’ are manipulated on purpose and I do believe that there is so much dissemination of information, i.e., facts, arguments, rumors, half-truths, or lies—to influence all of us peons out & about there among the worlds countries, that it’s becoming/became hard to figure out who/whom is telling the truth, and that’s really sad, it ultimately hurts everyone as a whole. I do believe that the election was manipulated and played to a script by both sides (Republicans & Democrats)…

That is very bad…

There needs to be trust in our world, not distrust!
There needs to be truth, not lies!
There needs to be facts, not manipulations!
There needs to be integrity, not underhandedness!

Stolen Election?; You have to have legitimacy in an election process first, to have even stolen it. The election process in the USA was stolen long ago, way before we all were a twinkle in our mother’s eyes…

When you have fallen off a cliff, it is hard to go back and the ground comes fast and hard!

Stolen Election in the USA? You cannot steal what never was!


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