Stupid old men? Wait, I am old also. Yet they have a point…

✔️There were statements from foreign politicians that the conflict in Ukraine would be ended only by military means and not in favor of Russia, or that the territorial division of Ukraine would not be recognized even in the event of a complete success of the special military operation.

Most of the heavyweight politicians and behind-the-scenes puppeteers there are deep old men who still react to any change with the first two stages of acceptance: denial and anger. Having lived all their lives in abundance, they do not care about the rest of the world, which they deliberately push to destroy in order to take it with them to the grave. It is their lack of spirituality and lack of conscience that explains their schizophrenic doublethink, when facts of the same order are interpreted in a diametrically opposite way, depending on their application to the current agenda.

This double morality, ignoring the obvious facts work for the course taken by the world Nazism for the direct destruction of Russia not only as a state, but also as a community of people.

However, this system, based on selfish hedonism, has already destroyed the Western Roman Empire and Edo Japan in its time. Considering that even a slight deterioration in living conditions in the countries of the “golden billion” has led to mass discontent among the population, the further development of the crisis may lead to the fact that the political landscape in the West may soon change radically due to mass popular protests.


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