Could you release a branch? by Svetlana…

cliffhangerI like to listen or read parables and sometimes I feel that I need to tell parables myself. The Internet is a very strange place. You never know who will visit you and you never know if your story could help this person. Sometimes to find important information, a beautiful picture, or just to spend time in pleasant company, could help to change your whole life.

So today I’ll tell you a story that my Teacher likes to tell. I am not sure if it is a famous parable or not. I’ll just tell…

It was high in the mountains and it such happened that one lonely traveler fell off a cliff in the mountains. It was a very deep cliff, but he managed somehow to catch a thin branch of bush sticking out of the side of the cliff half way down. He hung on this branch for his dear life and realized that he could not hang like that very long. The situation looked hopeless and he did what people do when they see that their situation is traumatic; Yes, they pray to God! This man started to pray, he told God that, might be he was not the best man, but if he would be saved he will change himself, he will go to church every Sunday and do all what God tell him to do.

He was praying like that rather long time. Then God who had been listing made a wonder, the sky opened and a loud powerful voice told:”You people always tell like that! I don’t believe you!” The man started to pray even more! Then heard just the same statement:”You all tell like that! I don’t believe you!” The man continued praying at a furious pace and I do not know exactly what he was asking God but the Voice from Heaven told him:”OK, I’ll save you. Just release the branch.” The man in astonishment said. “What! Do you think I am crazy?”

What is the branch? – maybe your habits, maybe something else…. What do you think about this parable?

Sometimes to get something new, you need to empty your hands!

And here you can read one of my favorite songs “Есть только миг”, (Александр Зацепин,сл. Л.Дербенева, исп. Олег Анофриев) из к/ф “Земля Санникова”

What is this song about? I found a translation of this song for you:

Ghostly is all in this world that is furious
There’s just a flash, and you hold on to it!
Only one flash between the past and the following
It is what we for so long have called “life”.

Eternal peace is not likely to please your heart
Eternal peace is for gray pyramids
But for a star that let go and is falling
There’s just a flash, just a dazzling flash.

You make this flash fly far though the centuries
Not all the time our pathways shall meet
What do I treasure and what do I risk in life?
One single flash, only one single flash…

What will you meet – maybe sadness or happiness?
But there’s just a flash and you hold on to it!
Only a flash between past and the following
It is what we for so long have called “life”…
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Svet and Kyle

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