Svet Sunday: The First of June – International Children’s Day!


Today is The First of June – and we in Russia celebrate The International Day of Children Defendence or International Children’s Day how it calls in another countries.

What is sunnier, joyful, and memorable than the childhood? A child gets to know the world, learns good and friendship, finds out new in familiar things. A child is happy when he is loved, warmed fed and understood. The children are the future of the mankind. Tomorrow is in their hands. Their right for life and dignity must be respected and defended.

And one more thing about this day: It is official start of school holidays, and kids will be out of school till 1st of September!

So today I want to spoil our kids and a kid what lives inside each of us and I’ll publish a cartoon what we enjoyed in our childhood. Hope you enjoy it too!

Junior and Karlson (Part 1)

One of the icons of Russian animation. Absolute classic! Based on Astrid Lidgren’s story “Karlson on the roof” (Karlsson på taket). It is rather interesting that while the book enjoyed huge popularity in Russia it was banned in some libraries and schools in USA as it was thought that “Karlson might incite young children to disobey authority and mistrust and fear babysitters.”

If you like this cartoon we published both parts here.

And of course Today is The First Day of Summer!

Happy summer, for everyone!