Svetochka Sunday: Vinni Puh, Could Visit You Too!


Years ago we published a cartoon about Vinni Puh. (Russian version of Winnie the Pooh) During the past, we discussed how it’s difficult to translate Vinni Puh in English.

We translated some expressions from the cartoon and now we tried to translate the Vinni Puh song. (not exact translation more transition of the mood ;)):

In the 1st video, Vinni Puh sang this song: (Link)

If I scratch my head – It’s OK.
I have sawdust there And that is great!

In my head I have sawdust! But; I can compose:
My happy-songs, my noisy-songs, my puff-puff-songs, want-wishing-songs.

Vinni Puh lives so good in the woods.
That’s because he compose his funny songs.

Does not matter what he’s doing, if he does not loose his weight,
and he never loose his weight if he has his snack in time.

This time we can have rest because we found a version with English subtitles. I think the guys, Artem, Lesha & Co have done very good job! They translated just the second part but are going to translate all three. I’ve read in one forum that they appreciate any help with translation – their e-mail in subtitles.

So now we will watch and enjoy.

Would you want Vinny to visit you?

Best wishes,

Svet and Kyle