Svet Sunday: Vinni Puh & Day Of Troubles!


Today we finish watching the trilogy about Vinni Puh (Russian version of Winnie the pooh). If you did not see the first two parts you can go here for the First part and here for the Second part (second part even has English subtitles!).

Kyle likes the cartoons a lot, and can not believe that they made just 3 parts. Yes, the truth is that there is just 3 parts, authors were going to make cartoons for every part of the book by Alan Alexander Milne, but they did not find consensus about how it should looks likes and it does not look like at all. We personally think that it’s sad when people or countries can not find consensus!

This cartoon has two parts. And we published them both. So let’s watch:

Part 1

Part 2

Here I tried to translate this story for you. Really that is very close to the book 😉
The donkey has birthday and is unhappy because everyone has forgotten it. Puh is coming by and find out about Donkey’s birthday and they both find out that the Donkey (Ia-Ia) does not have the tail anymore. Puh is going to the piglet(Pyatachok) and they are searching for a present. Puh found a pot with honey and decided that is the best present for anybody. When he is walking to the Donkey(Ia-Ia) he can not handle it and ate all the honey. But that is not problem for him because our Puh is a such optimistic person – now he is sure that the pot without honey is even better, just the best present in the world because… because you can store anything there! Puh coming to the Owl (Sova) and ask her to write down “Happy Birthday! Puh” on the pot. The Owl shows puh her new string what she uses for doorbell. And this string looks like… Donkey’s tail. Puh starts his investigation and find out that Owl assumed that it was a doorbell when she first saw it. And she pulled and pulled it – nobody answered and finally she broke it off (ouch!)

Then piglet decided to present to donkey a big beautiful green balloon. But he was in such hurry: he ran and fell down then the balloon popped! Then piglet was so upset, but he still came to the Donkey to say Happy Birthday (S Dnyom Rozhdeniya). The Donkey was happy to hear that someone remember of his birthday, but when he was told about bad luck of this balloon he got upset again. Then Puh came and tell Happy Birthday and presented his Great Empty Pot! Everybody become happy because Puh is a such type of person. And they even decided that this balloon suits this pot very well and it can come in and come out and that is great! The Owl comes and brings “the string” and when they ties it to Donkey everybody could see that is his tail back!

This is the final Vinni Puh cartoon!
We hope that you have enjoyed the series?


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