Sveta and Misha Voting in Russia…

This is a video of Sveta and her son Misha voting in the presidential election. At the start of the video you will see two people enter at the top left of the screen. Sveta is in the white coat and hat and her son is right in front of her. Sveta knows that two people are watching her and twice she waves at the camera. She is waving to me (I hope :)) and her friend from the north that I have mentioned before on the website. (Link)

By the way I have several hours of video that records the happenings during the election and they range from Kaliningrad to the heart of Siberia and more. I will be putting together a video of the core parts of what I have and you will see it was a clean cut and very well run election day. In fact I wish that America would allow such open view of the process. I watched people cast their vote to the very end process as the workers counted ballots…

Not a computer in sight involved in the process and everything was on paper. Also after hours of watching I only saw one time that I would question any activities that I saw. I watched at around 2am in the morning (Way after the election was called!)  I found a Siberian polling station open on the web cam. I watched a person walk up and vote at that time of the morning. There was officials there and they were still operating this polling station. The time was correct on the camera and all. I then looked up where it was at and maybe just maybe they stayed open much later because they were in the middle of nowhere and “Timbucktoo” as we say in America. There may have been 25 people who even could vote at this station. I would say that people voted as they were capable of getting there, if they even could get there in this isolated spot…

As Sveta would say, “That is just right!”

Kyle Keeton
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