Sveta Videos Yarik Ecuador on the Moscow Streets…

Sveta has a knack for being at the right place at the right time or better I should say, she got delayed at a Moscow Metro station and found this delight while waiting to come home. Now Sveta is not shy and will pull out her camera at the drop of a hat. She got a gem of a video this time and I really think that you will enjoy it…

Sveta bought one of their CD’s and that gave us their website. is the URL of the site. You will have to translate with Google translation as they do not have a translation button. The CD is wonderful quality and I am enjoying the music now as I write this… 🙂

Enjoy the video….

This is part of what makes Russia so unique. Every time you turn a corner you never know what delight you will find waiting for you there…

Kyle and Sveta
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