Sveta’s Cottage Cheese Pudding…

Sveta makes a very good Cottage Cheese Pudding. It is a recipe that her mom taught her and Sveta likes to make it in the Village. It is really low sugar and high protein. I am not sure how authentic Russian it is, but I can tell you that a wonderful Russian woman makes it and that makes it very Russian to me… 🙂

So lets make some of Sveta’s Cottage Cheese Pudding:


Half kilo of Tvorog / cottage cheese. (Well drained if using Western style.)

3 – eggs

3 tsp of sugar

3 tbs of instant oatmeal

A shot of milk to make more fluid or no milk if you have Western style cottage cheese with lots of liquid in it. (curds and whey)

3 tbs of Sour Cream only if a richness is desired? (50% or better)


Take a mixing bowl and combine all ingredients until smooth and creamy (Western cottage cheese will be lumpy). I use a wire whip for this…

Heat a skillet to medium heat and make sure the skillet is oiled or use Pam spray (Non stick pan is good for this pudding.)

Pour mixed ingredients ito hot oiled skillet and do not stir, mix or turn. Other words do not touch…

In about 10 minutes the pudding will be done. (As long as you did not put the temp. on too high of a setting it will not burn.)

It should be firm and a congealed mass, light color on top and dark brown on the bottom. Almost to the point that the bottom is burned. Some people turn the pudding like an omelet but we like ours done the way exclaimed above…

Serve hot right from the skillet…

Now you have a dessert that Sveta likes to make and we both love to eat…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

PS: You may oven bake this if you so desire and also if Sveta and I burn this pudding, we just skim the top and leave the burnt bottom in the skillet. It is still yummy and so easy to make from basic ingredients…

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