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Lomonosov MSU is rated as one of the most beautiful universities in the world and rightly so! On this free tour we will reveal the university’s enchanting history, full of famous people, mysterious legends and the enthralling stories only local students know best. You’ll see the must-see sites & secrets, and of course we’ll give you the best recommendations for the rest of your trip, all while you meet other like-minded travelers. Due to the fact that Moscow State University is an educational establishment

Source: Lomonosov MSU Free Walking Tour | MosGo Tours

Language: In English

Starts at: Every Saturday, 12 pm

Directions: To reach the meeting point, you need to go to Universitet metro station (метро Университет), on the red line (line 1). Once you have arrived at the station, you will need to take the escalator (do not take the exit with the stairs). When you are outside the station with the main street in front of you, walk along it (do not cross it) with the traffic to your right, in the direction of Moscow State University. After a 7-10 minute walk, you will reach the Fundamental Library of Moscow State University. In front of it is a monument to Shuvalov. Congratulations, you are at the meeting point! For more detailed information, see the photos and the map below.

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