The Big Mac index says Big Mac is 444 rubles in the USA and 135 rubles in Russia and The UN says, Moscow the place to live…

Our interactive currency comparison tool – Source: The Big Mac index | The Economist

The Big Mac Index is probably quite accurate because money is a representation of territory. Transnational food retailers like McDonald’s naturally buys ingredients at the lowest-value locations within that country and sell them at the highest-value locations to achieve maximal earnings. Location Value Rent is the cornerstone of all world economic and political activity. Apparently Moscow is among the most undervalued cities in the world…

That brings us to: (Global_Cities_Ranking_Draft_REPORT_Feb_2022) PDF Link from the horses mouth!

The UN has published its global cities ranking for 2022, and has awarded Moscow the top spot among large cities for quality of life and infrastructure, commending the metropolis for its transportation and its citizens’ well-being. – Source: UN names Moscow best world city to live in — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

About time the UN does something that does not reflect what the US is trying to dictate…


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