The Games we play and Russia is Calling them out this time…

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)Iran’s atom: IAEA accuses Iran and retreats

13:31 10/11/2011 Iran is being accused of implementing military nuclear programs. Such is the interpretation of the IAEA report on the Iranian nuclear industry, which has gained traction in the last few days. However, this accusation is based on an ambiguous rendering of the document, which has not yet been given the status of an officially published IAEA report.>>

International Atomic Energy Agency /IAEA/ ignored the Iranian authorities’ letter, in which they voiced the readiness to answer all the questions before the publication of the most recent report, but the agency’s officials hushed it up, Ali Baqeri, a deputy chief of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council said Thursday.

“The Director General of the IAEA doesn’t mention our letter anywhere /in the report/,” he said at a news conference in Moscow. “We qualify his actions as illegal ones.”

“We think this report was purely political,” Baqeri said.

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