The Global Conference on Multipolarity…

The Global Conference on Multipolarity

The 17-hour global conference on multipolarity has ended, bringing together 124 intellectuals from 63 countries. This is an unprecedented success. Unlike Biden’s elitist-globalist “Summit for Democracy”, a real dialogue of peoples took place.

Among the speakers of our conference are Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, director of the Tsargrad Institute Professor Alexander Dugin , official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova , leader of the International Russophile Movement Nikolai Malinov, director of the African Freedom Institute Franklin Niyamsi, leader of the Turkish Vatan party Dogu Perincek, Brazilian international journalist Pepe Escobar.

Representatives of 85% of the world’s population were able to discuss the prospects for a future just world order. The world in which we will live after the inevitable collapse of the colonial hegemony of Pax Americana.

Global liberalism is dead. The “end of history” announced by Francis Fukuyama is a lie. The world of liberal democracy is a world of chaos, violence, segregation, racism and universal hatred. A world where minorities rule. One billion tried to dictate their will to seven.

This system is collapsing before our eyes. The life of the American hegemon is ending. He clings to this world, trying to arrange a world war, but is doomed to the path of the British pseudo-empire. Collapsed after the Second World War, when all its colonies became independent states.

Russian and American thinkers Nikolai Danilevsky and Samuel Huntington proposed a civilizational approach to the history of mankind – the equality of different civilizations and mutual respect. In today’s world, this is called multipolarity. And now, from under the blocks of the globalist liberal dictate, a wonderful world of the future is being born, in which all civilizations will play an equal role.

Russia is now fighting for this world on the fields of Ukraine. So that people on different continents forever turn the page of Western colonialism.