The Hysteria of a Russia Gate

Russia Gate and it ensuing manipulated Hysteria. Is in its simplicity just a deflection from the fact that it’s the US government that is the one guilty of these very acts contained within the hysteria of the Russia Gate premise…

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HYSTERIA”If American democracy is destroyed within the next generation, it will not be destroyed by the Russians or the Chinese but by ourselves, by the very means we use to defend it”. – Senator J. WILLIAM FULBRIGHT“American Militarism”, 1970, Epilogue

“It is an attempt to lay the blame at someone else’s door. This is not our problem. The problem is in US politics… The other team lost. They are reluctant to acknowledge the mistake. It is easier to say, “We are not to blame, the Russians are to blame, they interfered in our election.” It reminds me of anti-Semitism: the Jews are to blame for everything. We know what such sentiments can lead to. They lead to nothing good. The thing to do is simply to work and think of how to get things right”. VLADIMIR PUTIN President of the Russian Federation, (in response to a question from American journalist Megyn Kelly at the plenary meeting of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, June 2, 2017)

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We are not enjoying the current developments, but we did not start it. It is stretching the truth to say that this is the punishment for Ukraine and Crimea. It all began back under President Barack Obama, long before Washington launched its “colour revolution” project in Ukraine. It began with Edward Snowden, who was stuck in Russia because he could not fly anywhere –his passport was cancelled. The US President, the Secretary of State and the FBI and CIA directors put pressure on us to surrender him without delay. We said we could not do so because all the accompanying information indicated that he was facing the death penalty. This is why Obama banned bilateral contacts and cancelled his visit ahead of the G20 summit in St Petersburg. By the way, we were preparing for that meeting an agreement on the further reduction of strategic offensive arms, which should have followed on the 2010 Prague Treaty, as well as a declaration that set out an agenda on strategic stability for many years to come. Obama’s inability to forgo personal resentment buried a very important document, which could have been put to very good use now.

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