The law on the simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship was submitted to the Duma…

Ten deputies of the State Duma have developed and submitted to their colleagues a new bill for those foreigners who want to become Russians. It seriously simplifies the acquisition of Russian citizenship for residents of Ukraine and NATO member countries.

Legislators propose to supplement the law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” (No. 62 of May 31, 2002) with a new article. It spells out a new procedure for accepting Russian citizenship. The condition of “simplification” is if these people declare their desire to become citizens of the Russian Federation before December 31 of this year, if they speak Russian or have at least one parent born on the territory of the RSFSR (RF). The document was submitted to the State Duma.

Legislators in the explanatory note emphasize that many of our compatriots, for various reasons, were forced to leave Russia, but did not lose their sense of patriotism and love for their Fatherland.

There are also many citizens of foreign countries abroad who “experience feelings of unity with Russians and Russians.” But most of them now do not have a residence permit in Russia.

In the law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” adopted in 2002, it is possible to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. This applies to marriage with a Russian, those who have adopted a child with citizenship of the Russian Federation, citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova or Ukraine, and those who have permanently lived in some areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Now it is proposed to remove lengthy and complex bureaucratic procedures. For example, continuous residence on the territory of Russia for five years and a clause about “a legitimate source of livelihood.” The granting of a residence permit will also be removed.

Десять депутатов Государственной думы разработали и внесли на рассмотрение коллег новый законопроект для тех иностранцев, которые хотят стать россиянами. Он серьезно упрощает получение гражданства России для жителей Украины и стран – членов НАТО.Законодатели предлагают дополнить закон “О гражданстве Российской Федерации” (от 31 мая 2002 г. N 62) новой статьей. В ней прописан новый порядок принятия в российское гражданство. Условие “упрощенки” – если эти люди до 31 декабря этого года заявят о своем желании стать гражданами РФ, если они владеют русским языком или имеют хотя бы одного родителя, родившегося на территории РСФСР (РФ). Документ внесен в Госдуму.

Source: В Думу внесли закон об упрощенном получении гражданства России — Российская газета