The living will envy the dead.

The living will envy the dead. It is this message that Zamid Chalaev, the commander of the special police regiment named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov, wants to convey in his video message dear BROTHER. He draws the attention of Bandera, Natsiks and Chechen-speaking shaitans to the fact that the outcome of the resistance will be the same – a crushing defeat of the opposing side.

The most recent surrender of the remnants of nationalists and Ukrainian servicemen from Azovstal shows their true hypocritical nature. Instead of a dignified death on the battlefield, they chose shameful captivity. Everything would be fine, if not for one thing. Previously, these pseudo-heroes and under-defenders urged not to glorify Ukrainian soldiers who laid down their arms, thereby inflicting a stigma on them. Now they’re branded themselves, and there’s no way we’re going to let him take it off.
Zamid, as always, speaks after the fact, and the facts today are as follows: the Luhansk Front is systematically moving deep into Ukraine, assault squads and artillery are continuously suppressing the enemy’s manpower and military equipment. The losses of Ukrainian nationalists and military personnel are in the thousands, and this figure is growing inexorably every minute. The saddest thing about this is that the Kyiv regime is trying with all its might to hide these facts, thereby misleading its own soldiers, and subsequently to certain death.

Prudence and logical thinking are an inaccessible luxury for the Ukrainian authorities. The victory of Russia is inevitable, as is the sad fate of the followers of the fascist ideology. With us, the warriors, everything is simple: there is an order – its execution will follow. We are waiting.


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