The Lunacy of Sanctions and the Psychosis of US Exceptionalism, by John Anthony Robles II…

The Insanity of Sanctions and the “Secret” U.S. Dirty War on Russia

Sanctions, sanctions and more sanctions! Every day we are subjected to an onslaught of stories and reports about how western countries, Europe, certain Asian countries and their master across the Atlantic are imposing new and ever more expanded and devious sanctions against Russia, its leaders, its businesses, industries, entire segments of the financial sector and other parts of the Russian world, even Japan has jumped on the sanctions wagon to show “support” for the hegemon across the Pacific, yet no one stops to question or stand up and say “Wait! All of these sanctions are based on lies.”

From the onslaught of the US campaign to steal Ukraine Russia has been forced to deal with almost every imaginable threat to its own security and safety and has had to watch as a brotherly nation succumbed to the Machiavellian manipulations of the entire US/NATO/CIA arsenal of instruments used to destroy nations. If that is not enough Russia has had to watch as it is actually blamed for the destabilization of its neighbor and the fratricidal war unleashed on the populace by geopolitical strategists from across the Atlantic, who remain untouched despite documented proof of their involvement in everything from the Maidan to suspicious events surrounding the downing of Malaysian Flight MH-17.

Everything the West has done to destroy Ukraine and force it into being another NATO/US client state has been illegal from the outset. Yet their campaign continues with impunity and we see it every day with: accusations against Russia based on fantasy and social media posts; anti-Russian sentiment and war hysteria pummeled onto the masses 24 hours a day 7 days a week; the continuing US/NATO/EU/CIA support for fascist neo-nazis who were armed, trained and unleashed on their own people for the sole reasons that they speak Russian and are pro-Russia; endless false reports of Russian troops and the invasion of an invisible Russian army led by President Vladimir Putin, when nothing of the sort exists or has existed.

We also see, even on certain Russian media the direct effects of the manipulations of a 5th column, long implanted and protected even at the highest levels, with endless quotes demonizing Russia and President Putin delivered without context or counter argument, by NATO warmongers such as Anders Fogh Rasmussen and US warmonger Barack Hussein Obama, who won a Nobel Peace Prize but continues to destabilize the entire planet with reckless military expansion and threaten every country with annihilation if it does not toe the US line.

For those who talk about history and say we must not forget it or allow it to be re-written we might recall exactly what really transpired in Ukraine. Let us recall how the Maidan was provoked by the huge net of civil society manipulation apparatus brought to you by USAID, the (Pierre) Omidyar Network, George Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation and the US Congress’ National Endowment for Democracy, all spreading the myth of some abstract European dream and demonization of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin to provoke civil unrest.

Let us remember the direct interference by the US and its officials into the affairs of the sovereign country of Ukraine, the organizing of an armed coup d’état, the over-throwing of its democratically elected president and the open installation of a post-coup puppet government leading to the holding of a sham election which brought to power another US puppet who is currently making the rounds on his knees begging Obama and NATO for weapons to continue killing his own people.

If that is not enough we can recall the blacker side of the entire Ukrainian fiasco, events which no one wants to talk about and the world seems to want to bury and pretend they never happened, such as the junta’s snipers on the Maidan, the burning alive of what may have been over a hundred people in Odessa, the slaughter of innocent civilians in Mariupol, the use of illegal weapons and tactics by Ukrainian nazis in their fratricidal punitive war against the people of NovoRossiya who refused to recognize as legitimate the US installed neo-nazi regime, the shooting down of a passenger jet full of innocent civilians in an Operation Northwoods type pretext for war, the thousands dead in the completely illegal punitive war waged by the junta against civilians and backed 100% by the US/CIA/NATO, NATO’s interference and direct meddling in the affairs of Ukraine, the over 400 CIA/Greystone mercenaries operating in Ukraine and on and on.

Even the over 5 billion dollars in stolen Russian gas might be reason to ponder the legitimacy of the US backed puppet government in Kiev, or the fact that the son of the US Vice President is now enjoying a high post in a “Ukrainian” energy concern, but no one in the West wants to know about that, all the sheep want to hear is how President Vladimir Putin is at fault and how Russia must pay the price.

Knowing all of that then you might also feel the rise of bile and a bit nauseous as I do every time you hear the words sanctions with regard to Russia because in all reality and in a sane world the neighborhood of nations ought to be screaming for sanctions to be waged against America, if not for overthrowing governments and destroying nations at will then at least to force it to abide by international law as the rest of the world is forced to do.

If you doubt what I am saying ask yourself this: Why did the European Union impose new sanctions on Russia AFTER Russian President Vladimir Putin brokered a real peace in the Donbass? Does this make sense? Of course not. The sanctions are a way to save the failing western economies and attempt to destroy Russian led economic influence and the rise of the BRICS and the Eurasian Economic Union. Ukraine is just a pretext my friends.

Possible World Peace Destroyed by One Rogue Nation

In an ideal civilized world living in harmony with all of its multi-faceted cultures and peoples there must be agreement on key moral principles and clearly defined guidelines, rules and laws which govern the relations between all the members of the family of nations, and which perhaps more importantly are followed by all countries equally and without interpretation or deviation.

We could be living in such a world, where peace, mutual respect and civilized behavior defined the relations between all of the members of the family of nations as there do exist organizations like the United Nations and countless treaties, conventions and international laws that are supposed to govern and lay down the framework for the actions of all nations, but as we have seen when one nation (the US) becomes rogue (for lack of a better term) and determines unilaterally that it can twist, interpret or outright ignore the laws and standards that the rest of the world lives by and the family of nations fails to react accordingly, the entire balance of the civilized world is sent into a dangerous schism of instability, diminished security and even outright war.

Although the West gives lip service to peace the only real goal of the US with regard to peace, which of course runs second to Full Spectrum Dominance and the establishment of the US as the only global hegemon, is establishing the Pax Americana. Yet this can in no way be a substitute for real and lasting peace worldwide because the Pax Americana only benefits the western world, meaning the US and its client states.

Russian Humanitarian Assistance vs. US Barbaric Interventions

To liken the peaceful referendum in Crimea (where the people themselves chose to reunite with Russia), the Russian assistance to refugees fleeing the punitive war Kiev sought to punish them with for not recognizing the illegal junta and the now three humanitarian convoys that Russia has sent to assist in alleviating the humanitarian catastrophe the fault for which lies completely with Kiev and its US masters, to some sort of Russian annexation, aggression or invasion, is to turn truth on its head and make an abomination of the facts on the ground.

In reality what the US has done in Ukraine, under the guise of “democracy” is barbaric. But then again what the US has done everywhere else it has laid its bloody hands on is also barbaric, also under the guise of bringing democracy or under the all-encompassing modicum of “humanitarian intervention”.

Starting with Yugoslavia the US has invaded, destroyed and decimated country after country and population after population in a shameful barbaric attempt at establishing global US hegemony by force. This was the openly stated doctrine after 9-11 and was the plan drawn up before 9-11 by the neo-conservative think tank the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) which needed a mass casualty event such as 9-11 to serve as the catalyst for global military interventionism.

From Yugoslavia to Somalia, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Yemen to Libya, and now in Ukraine, the US has intervened under various false pretexts and the result is always the same, destroyed states and massive casualties, up to 3.3 million now in Iraq alone. For each of these countries the US should have been sanctioned and stopped but the world is passive, subservient or just plain scared that they will be next. Russia and China stopped the US invasion of Syria and what they did to Ukraine is the answer to that.

The US can not tolerate any power challenging them in their doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance and any possible challenger must be destroyed. The US, in their self-anointed role as “masters of the world”, deluded by their own belief in their own exceptionalism, continue to commit atrocities and destroy peoples and states worldwide, and they remain unchallenged. They sell their aggressive wars to the people as “humanitarian interventions” or “democracy” operations, but the reality is that all of the recent US aggressive wars have been and continue to be illegal acts and crimes against humanity and peace.

If you aggressively invade a country for territory or any other reason it is illegal, if you do the same for ideological reasons or because you are against the president or government it is also illegal. Even the pretext of preventive war was denied at the Nuremburg trials, therefore there can be no justification whatsoever for aggressive war. And that is exactly what the US has been engaged in time and time again.

As for real humanitarian intervention a country for example with vested territorial, strategic, monetary, resource or other interests should in no way be allowed to engage in the practice or be part of a UN sanctioned mission. And I say UN sanctioned because any legal humanitarian intervention must meet the standards and have the backing of the United Nations. No country can do so unilaterally.

As for the Russian “intervention” in Ukraine, it has been of a completely humanitarian nature without a military component, unlike in South Ossetia where Russian citizens were being killed for 3 days by (again US backed) Georgian Forces, before Russia moved in and put a very quick and decisive stop to it.

Countries “Humanely” Destroyed by the United States

The following is a list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders. Again all of these “interventions” were illegal.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

The US War on Journalism and the Subversion of the Media

The current US war on the media started in the wake of the events of 9-11. The US and its security bodies waged an unprecedented campaign of silencing and destroying anyone who questioned 9-11 or the illegal rise to power of George Bush and the neocons. It continued with implanted journalists in Afghanistan and Iraq and further against anyone who exposed any of the war crimes the US was guilty of in those countries.

That war has continued unabated and has effectively killed investigative journalism worldwide and turned almost all of the world’s English language media (and others) into mere echo chambers for the US Government.

The manipulation of the media by the US is important because it serves to allow for the continued funding of the illegal wars and continues to protect those guilty of war crimes, subverting the US Government, involved in 9-11 and those who effectively committed a coup in the US in the wake of 9-11. It is also important as it serves to convince the world that the US is unbeatable and all powerful, when in fact this is far from the case.

The US manipulation of the media in selling their aggressive wars as somehow humanitarian turns the meaning of that word on its head and as the American people somehow believe it and equate mass casualty aggressive invasions with the word “humanitarian” it is therefore understandable why when Russia delivers humanitarian aid western reporters are looking for weapons in the trucks and the western media is calling it an act of aggression and infringement on sovereignty. Yet when the US armed and backed ISIL in Syria that was an infringement on the sovereignty of the country and an act of aggression, but it is ludicrous to say the same when Russia, with an agreement with the Ukrainian authorities, delivered humanitarian aid to the people of Donbass.

Sometimes it seems to be an almost useless fight to try to bring the truth to the American people and the world given the way they have been lied to and convinced of their own exceptionalism but the truth must be known and in the end it is only the truth that will set us all free from tyranny. Even simple readers from the West have been conditioned to attack the messenger for the message and try to discredit anyone who shows them the illegality of their leaders, I am sure I will be attacked for what I have written here but if one person sees the truth then the effort was worth it.

Russia continues to seek a peaceful diplomatic settlement to all crises in the world yet the US/NATO in its self-appointed role as the world’s “interventionist” continues to seek only military solutions, even to the Ebola virus. This rampant militarism and the expansion of NATO as the Pentagon’s worldwide strike force are what can only be called “modern barbarism”. There can be no justification for aggressive war and the concept of “preventive” war is also illegitimate, therefore those who would wage such “endless wars” under any pretext can only be described as barbaric, and for the sake of all of us, they must be stopped.

John Anthony Robles II

September 22, 2014   

The views and opinions above are my own. I can be reached at jar2[at]

John is a radio newscaster for Radio VR, a chief editor for the Rossiya Sevodnya International News Agency and was a former columnist for the liquidated Voice of Russia, the predecessor of Radio VR. He lives in Moscow Russia. He runs a website at and can be reached on Facebook. John is also a freelance journalist and is open to assignments.

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