The newest US sanctions against Russia (04/06/2018)

By | April 7, 2018

By Rostislav Babyak

The newest sanctions against Russia, and Trump’s threats to follow suite against the People’s Republic of China, indicates that the US and the West in general, but the US/UK specifically, are using sanctions as a kind of pseudo-foreign policy and pseudo-diplomacy to prop up what is clearly becoming their pseudo-democracy. With regard to the new sanctions being placed on Russian businessmen, companies, and political figures, Russia must return the favor and get rid of all US corporations and businesses, and open up opportunities for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs who seek to invest in Russia and its people, and not take the profits to the West, then hit us with sanctions after sanctions once they have robbed us blind. The US has gone sanctions happy. Now the US not only are sanctioning Russian and the DPRK’s political, trade and business sectors of the economy, now they are eyeing the possibility of placing huge sanctions on Chinese state companies, Chinese business leaders, and no doubt in time, Chinese political figures too, as well as to slap more tariffs on Chinese goods whist sanctioning them…

China will fight back and will not keep playing Mr. Goodbar to the US. Russia must do the same and stop hesitating and hand-wringing over how it might permanently damage Russian-American relations. Let’s just face it my friends, there is no Russian-American relationship. If there were it would be one in which Russia is being treated like the beaten spouse or girlfriend of a violent partner. If one accepts that relations among nations is comparable in some ways to relationships among individuals then one can see how this analogy can be made correctly. A relationship suggests respect from each party towards the other in the relationship, and a mutual desire for each to see the other as equals and finally to see both prosper from the relationship. That is not the behavior of the United States, the UK, or the EU for that matter…

The US and UK are nothing more than seekers of dominance by seduction or force (socio-political and economic rape) whichever works in a particular situation for the total benefit and satisfaction of the US and the UK. When the other partner is weak or unable to resist for various reasons. Naturally, it fails to work when one has a potential partner in one’s view who is self respecting, strong, and possess the ability to act on its own behalf and interests, and has the means to do what it needs to do, and is beholden to no one for their daily bread – example Russia and China who posses natural resources and human potential. Moreover, neither Russia not China are aggressive in their approach to a relationship with other nations. Russia and China both approach their perspective partners in trade and foreign relations. Both Russian and China approach their proposed partners with equality in mind, honesty, peace of mind, heart, and soul, as well as true devotion and love for their friends and those whom wish of their own volition to work with them and enter into a real partnership of equals…

There is no reason for the Russian Federation or the Republic of China to be concerned about losing the US and UK as a partner, The US and UK, like most of the West, has become debouched, degenerate, lazy, opportunistic, abusive, and unworthy of being in the company of greater and more dignified peoples of the world. Moreover, their history of abusive relationships with other nations makes them good poster boys for the abusive partner. When the American government and corporate elites, as they think of themselves, threaten both Russia and China, both Russia and China need to join forces, plant their feet firmly on the ground, and give the US and UK, and anyone else who supports the US/UK, a damned good backhanded bitch slap that they will never forget…

Rostislav Babyak

New sanctions: Treasury Designates Russian Oligarchs, Officials, and Entities in Response to Worldwide Malign Activity | U.S. Department of the Treasury

Source: Treasury Designates Russian Oligarchs, Officials, and Entities in Response to Worldwide Malign Activity | U.S. Department of the Treasury


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