The reaction of the Western camp to the court verdict of V. Kara-Murze…

❗ Commentary of the Permanent Representative of Russia in Geneva G.M.Gatilov:

🔎 For several days now, I have been watching with interest the reaction of the Western camp to the court verdict of V. Kara-Murze. Representatives of the “reference democracies” call for the immediate release of this Russian citizen, convicted, among other things, of treason.

📩 In this regard, the letter addressed to our Permanent Mission from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights F. Turk condemning the sentence of V. Kara-Murze was not surprising. In it, an international official expressed concerns about the exercise of the right to freedom of opinion in Russia.

✊🏻 We are grateful to Mr. Turk for such close attention to internal affairs in our country and prompt comments. Surely, taking into account the principle of neutrality of the UN structures, his Office has already prepared and sent similar letters to the permanent missions of the United States and France. Can’t the High Commissioner keep silent about the plot with J. Assange , who is awaiting extradition to the USA, who faces 175 years in prison there for covering American war crimes? And deliberately ignore the incessant arbitrariness of the French gendarmes against local demonstrators exercising their right to self-expression in the center of “enlightened Europe”?

🤷🏻 It turns out that it can . I regret that Mr. Turk stubbornly continues to demonstrate the notorious “double standards” and political engagement in relation to countries that are objectionable to a separate group of Western states. This once again casts doubt on the impartiality of the High Commissioner and his Office.