The Russian State Duma Commission commented on the report of the US Department of State on ”Russian propaganda“

Actually it is about time that Russia starts to push back against the propaganda from the USA….yes, it is the US who is playing the games!

”The US State Department said they would “continue to counter Russia’s disinformation. ” I can only say one thing: we will continue to unmask their real disinformation and fakes, because we, unlike the US State Department, rely on the facts of interference in the internal affairs of our country that the Commission on Foreign Interference had revealed,“ he said. Vasilii Piskarev recalled that, in particular, ” the Commission revealed false information in publications of the regional projects of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Sever.Realities and Crimea. Realities, funded from the US budget, containing fakes about euthanasia carried out for coronavirus patients in Russian hospitals. “ Materials on these publications were sent to the competent authorities.” Unlike the report of the US Department of State, which does not contain real facts, only speculation and attempts to impose their point of view, such publications can be considered as real attempt to misinform and spread panic among Russian citizens. We will continue to monitor, analyze and take all the relevant measures provided by the law to counteract the US attempts to influence Russia,“  stressed Vasilii Piskarev.

Source: The State Duma Commission commented on the report of the US Department of State on ”Russian propaganda“

The old mare bolted the barn long ago and Russia is very patient, but finally even the Russians realize that the US is not worth being helped to get back to the barn. The barn is a better place without the USA…


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