The situation around Ukraine: the truth that the West is hiding from you. (Read if you desire truth?)

Article by Russian Ambassador to Gabon I.F.Iskandarov “The situation around Ukraine: the truth that the West is hiding from you” in one of the leading Gabonese publications “Union” ( March 6, 2023 )

It would be a fundamental mistake to think that the events in Ukraine happened suddenly. The so-called “Ukrainian issue” is the result of a whole chain of events that have taken place in this space for three decades.

Our country has never spoken out against the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine , moreover, it actively supported its independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At the same time, in relations between Moscow and Kiev, the principle was agreed: Ukraine has the right to independently choose ways to ensure its security, but this right is associated with the obligation not to strengthen it to the detriment of Russia’s security.

Western countries, frightened by the political independence and economic power of our country, headed for its collapse and the transformation of Ukraine into “anti-Russia”. And what is happening now in this country is not a Russian-Ukrainian war, but a conflict between Russia and the collective West led by the United States , in which the Kiev regime is only an instrument.


It is indicative that after two recent African tours of Sergey Lavrov, representatives of a number of Western countries have reached out to the continent. Why has the attention of Africans become so dear to the world? 🤔

This is not about attention to the problems of the African continent, but about the desperate attempts of the “collective West” to preserve its neo-colonial empire.

Today, especially after the roads of Russia and the West parted through no fault of ours, Western countries are faced with the urgent need to replenish the lost volumes of vital resources to maintain their industry and develop the economy, and preferably at minimal cost.

We are building equal relations , we respect the sovereignty of foreign states. This is the main difference between the fundamental approaches of Russia and the former Western metropolises.

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